Package treatment plants

Package plants for biological wastewater treatment with activated sludge are a great way to achieve advanced wastewater treatment results in an economical manner. Alfa Laval package plants can be configured using a variety of processes and designed for either batch or continuous operation. This provides excellent flexibility in wastewater treatment options. Package plants of up to (approximately) 200,000 GPD for rectangular and 3 million GPD for field erected circular designs are available.

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Tailored solutions for your wastewater process specifications

  • Flexible configurations
  • Process flexibility – Complete Mix-Activated Sludge, SBR, or MBR
  • Continuous or batch process
  • Process guarantees available
  • Available in portable shop-fabricated rectangular, or circular field erected designs
Package plants provide a “plug and play” solution for your wastewater treatment needs. Their modular design makes it easy to customize for your current process requirements and to expand as your capacity or process needs change. Alfa Laval brings decades of expertise in biological wastewater treatment and works closely with your team to design a solution that meets your process parameters, resources, and restrictions.

AS H package wastewater treatment plants

How it works

Alfa Laval AS-H Package Wastewater Treatment Plants are based on the activated sludge process that best meets the treatment objectives. They can accommodate both continuous flow and the sequencing batch reactor process. Whether it is the conventional pollutant removal or advanced treatment for biological nutrient removal (BNR) including nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal, the package plants are available with advanced effluent treatment capabilities. Each plant will be designed according to the site-specific needs.



AS H Package treatment plants technology

Construction Configurations

Package plants for activated sludge are available in a variety of configurations.

  • Shop fabricated or field erected
  • Above or below ground
  • Constructed with capacities > 1 MGPD per train

Alfa Laval’s dedicated team will work with you to select the best configuration for your needs.

Rectangular package plant in front house
Rectangular package plant underground

Choose from a broad range of technologies

Every wastewater stream is different, and every solution has benefits and trade-offs. Alfa Laval will provide you with the information and power to select what is right for your individual situation. Plants can be supplied with MBR, SBR, Extended Aeration or Complete Mix-Activated Sludge processes.

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Решения за кръговата икономика

Все повече и повече станции за пречистване на води откриват предимствата на кръговия, цялостен подход към пречистването на отпадни води. Икономиите, намаленото въздействие върху околната среда и новите потоци на приходи от възстановени ресурси са само някои от тях. Всяка станция за пречистване на води е уникална и има свои собствени предизвикателства и възможности. Благодарение на нашия експертен опит в технологичната обработка и широката ни гама от продукти, можем да подкрепим вашето преминаване към кръгов поток на ресурсите. Независимо дали сте изпълнител, проектант или оператор на инсталация, ние можем да ви помогнем да намерите оптималното решение за вашия конкретен проект.

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Reduce your environmental footprint and turn waste into value

All human, commercial and industrial activities produce waste products that are harmful to our environment unless treated. The world is therefore constantly on the look-out for ways to reduce pollution, provide clean water, use less energy and recycle energy already used. With growing populations and living standards plus water scarcity in many areas, there is also an increasing need for water reuse. See what you can gain from on-site water and waste treatment - and calculate your savings!

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