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Food, dairy & beverage

Higher quality, lower impact

Powerful separation performance and gentle product handling is just the beginning of what Alfa Laval innovations can do for the food and beverage industry. With unique technologies for reduced energy and water consumption, our separators can help minimize the environmental impact of your processes.

eDrive™ and Hermetic Design mean energy and cost efficiency

This video presents the technology and advantages of Alfa Laval eDrive™ and Hermetic Design, which help ensure both improved product quality and lower energy consumption.

Higher efficiency and lower costs and with Alfa Laval eDrive™

Alfa Laval’s eDrive™ direct drive system ensures mechanical simplicity, for fewer parts than conventional drive systems. Alfa Laval expert Peter explains how this improves energy efficiency, in addition to minimizing operating and wear-related maintenance costs.

Hermetic Design: Gentle treatment for the quality products

Hear Alfa Laval’s global sales manager for life-science and industrial fermentation separators, Stephen Cripps, explain the inner workings of the Hermetic Design technology and how it provides gentle product handling and maximum product quality combined with easy maintenance and minimal energy consumption.

Discover the magic of eMotion™

Learn about the inspiration, functionality and benefits behind Alfa Laval’s eMotion™, which lets you cut energy consumption by up to 60% compared to traditional centrifuges.

Double the output per kWh with Alfa Laval eMotion™

Alfa Laval expert Ioannis explains how the unique eMotion™ technology reduces friction in the bowl of a disc stack separator for dramatically lowered power consumption and a number of other important benefits.

No magic, just innovation: Alfa Laval UniDisc™

See how Alfa Laval’s new UniDisc™ technology improves separation efficiency by up to 30% and takes cleanability to new levels.

New levels of capacity and hygiene with Alfa Laval UniDisc™

With Alfa Laval’s new UniDisc™ technology, you get up to 30% higher separation efficiency and a never-before seen degree of hygiene from your disc stack separator. Learn about the many benefits of UniDisc™, as well as the inspiration behind the technology, from Alfa Laval experts Mikaela and Peter.

Continuous solids discharge for superior de-pulping

Learn how the Alfa Laval PurePulp series of centrifuges offers unparalleled separation performance in citrus applications thanks to Alfa Laval’s unique Topstream continuous discharge technology.

Improved quality for citrus products with Hermetic Design

Built with Alfa Laval’s patented, bottom-fed Hermetic Design concept, the Alfa Laval PurePulp series preserves the valuable flavours and aromas of citrus fruits to bring profitable new benefits to juice producers.

Increase your peel oil recovery and your profitability

With Alfa Laval’s CR series, you can recover up to 98% of valuable citrus peel oil, ensuring you get the most from your raw materials. Learn how an investment in a CR centrifuge can help you secure fast payback time and long-term profitability.

Preventing oxidization for maximum citrus quality

How can you ensure top product quality in de-oiling and peel oil recovery? With Alfa Laval’s bottom-fed Hermetic Design concept, the CR series gives you the best protection against oxidization to preserve volatile flavours and aromas.

Alfa Laval Explore - a new online tool

Alfa Laval launches a new online tool aimed for the process industries that are facing separation challenges and want to improve their performance. Alfa Laval Explore quickly screens and predicts separation performance.

Alfa Laval Brew customer case: Austin Beerwork

Hear from Adam DeBower, owner and founder of Austin Beerworks in Texas, USA, about how a fully hermetic Alfa Laval Brew centrifuge improved his brewery’s operations – with award-winning results for their beer.

Keep alert and keep performing with Alfa Laval ConditionAlert™

Alfa Laval’s ConditionAlert™ connectivity solution for disc stack separators provides highly valuable insights to help you optimize maintenance and increase uptime. Learn how it works in this video.

Where Alfa Laval separators are born

Take a virtual visit to Alfa Laval’s factory in Eskilstuna, Sweden. In this facility, decades of expertise combine with high-end automation to bring you large separators for energy, food and water, biotech and pharma applications.

Serving spares worldwide

From Alfa Laval’s distribution centre in Tumba, we ship spare parts to customers around the world. 15,000 components are available in stock for rapid delivery, around the clock. We get you what you need, whenever you may need it.

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