2020-10-07 Новини за продукти

Ensure optimal decanter performance | A webinar

Irrespective of the industry that you are operating within, the performance of your decanter depends on proper and timely maintenance to avoid unplanned down-time. Spend an hour with some of our decanter service experts to gain tips and tricks on how to maintain equipment performance and get the most out of your decanter installation.

12 November 2020

In this free webinar you will gain insight into aspects such as: 

  • Daily / monthly decanter maintenance 
  • Preventive maintenance 
  • Predictive maintenance 
  • Service agreements
  • Possible upgrades and much more 

About the speakers:

  • Milan Barudzija, Global Service Development Manager at Alfa Laval with extensive decanter knowledge
  • Peter Roth, Global Service Product Portfolio Manager Water & Waste, with 17 years of decanter experience
  • Kenn Honore Jepsen has many years of experience from the food industry and holds a M Sc. in Dairy & Food.

Who could benefit from this webinar?

  • Maintenance managers and engineers
  • Reliability managers and engineers
  • Decanter operators and other maintenance personnel
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