TJ40G Burst

Ротационна струйна глава за ефективно отстраняване на упорити остатъци

Alfa Laval TJ40G Burst is a rotary jet head tank cleaner with a special nozzle that enables fast chemical wetting of the tank to help reduce cleaning time and water and chemical usage. Designed for hygienic applications such as food, dairy, personal care and beverages, it provides exceptional cleanability, better end-product quality, greater overall output and up to 70% reduction in operating costs.

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More available production time as cleaning time is 60% faster than normal methods

  • Avoid contamination with effective cleaning performance and superior self-cleaning features
  • Fast wetting effectively distributes chemicals to soak soiled surfaces to save time and energy
  • Cost efficient and sustainable solution reduces cleaning costs by up to 70% (water and chemicals)
  • More available production time with up to 60% faster cleaning times
  • Easy to service and maintain – no special tools required

Best of three technologies in single product
TJ40G Burst combines the best features of Alfa Laval rotary jet heads, rotary spray heads, and static spray balls to effectively soften and remove stubborn residues. The Alfa Laval Burst nozzle maximizes chemical usage and drastically reduces the amount of time and water. The rotary jet head/burst nozzle combination is ideal for fermentation tanks, yeast manufacturing tanks and other applications with stubborn residues.

Effective tank cleaning with low operating costs

The strong jet generates a high mechanical force and covers 360° to efficiently remove remaining products and residues and provide the best hygienic conditions for production. As the force generated by the rotary jet head increases, the water consumption decreases, which leads to significant cost savings as illustrated in the diagrams. (based on Dr. Sinner’s cleaning philosophy.

  • Cost savings (water, chemicals): 70%*
  • Time saving = more production time: 60%*

*compared with traditional static spray ball cleaning

Static Spray Ball


Alfa Laval TJ20G / TJ40G




     Blue = Water consumption/time 
     Red = Mechanical action 
     Yellow = Temperature 
     Grey = Chemicals

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Можете да прочетете повече за ефективността, практичността и техническите данни на ротационните струйни глави TJ40G за почистване на резервоари.

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How it works

How does the TJ40G work? Click here to find out.

Alfa Laval Tank Cleaning TJ rotary jet heads

Validate your tank cleaning process

Alfa Laval Rotacheck validates the rotary jet heads cleaning process, reduces water consumption and product loss. Provides peace of mind. 

Learn more about Rotacheck 

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